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Do you plan to marry and have a family?” the question came from one of the four male doctors simultaneously interviewing me for admission to Cornell Medical School.

"Yes. I hope to."

"So how will you balance being a doctor and having a family?" The question, of course, was meant to be rhetorical.

"Do you have a family?" I asked. My behavior was completely irrational under the circumstances, but I had decided to set him up for the kill.


"Then you tell me. How do you balance the two?"

A nice snotty answer, exactly the wrong tone for a medical school interview, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve just blown my chances of ever being admitted here, I thought, and yet I couldn’t seem to find it in myself to feel regretful.


City of One, by Francine Cournos

(if you ever want a really well-written, in-depth look at foster families and dysfunction, please read this book)

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happy galentine’s day ladies!

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“One needs only to be reminded of those recent incidents of racial profiling—for instance, when two black youths were accosted by the police for legally and soundly buying fashion goods at a prestigious department store—to realize that any claim of ‘blackness’ being in fashion is based more on gimmicks and fads than any true solidarity or understanding of the black experience.

Personally, I feel uncomfortable with what it is that is considered ‘blackness’ in America. When Miley Cyrus acts sloppy, vulgar, and idiotic on national television and is then accused of copying ‘black culture’ by the media, I realize there is a much bigger problem at hand: it would seem that being black is synonymous with a kind of overconfidence that is empowered by its defiance of a lack of education and sophistication; it’s synonymous with anti-intellectualism and a lack of self-respect. If you look at the history of black people in the United States, at all their struggles and achievements, it is extremely sad to think what’s now defined as ‘blackness’—it’s amply sugarcoated with post-modern irony and easily swallowed despite being no less bitter than the minstrels and blackface from the days of the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow.” -Jeremy Lewis, founder/editor of Garmento Magazine (x)

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The song “Digital Witness” encapsulates this idea that we’ve become very dependent on other people. And by other people, I don’t mean in the flesh; I mean a million digital eyes validating our experience. [x]

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Jon Snow wearing a shirt with Robb Stark on it.

cannot handle this. 

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Scisaac + Lockers: 02x12 ⇆ 03x04

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teen wolf    :3   

@JoeyBats19: Today’s #pregame #stretch with #Kawasaki #FoamRoll101 

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